This was an open letter from a groomer to everyone that owns, thought about owning, or wishes they owned a : labradoodle,golden doodle, sheep a doodle, bernedoodle — anything that has been mixed with a standard or sometimes mini — poodle or already existing doodle.   

Groomers far and wide are frustrated!  Why?  

Because they are shaving so many doodles because of matting. Owners are upset because they don’t know what they are doing wrong and want their dogs fluffy.   

Apparently (despite what you may have heard from any source, including a breeder) these dogs are low maintenance. Doodles require daily home maintenance which includes brushing AND combing.  This routine should NOT include baths at home. Without the proper tools, baths at home will only cause and expedite matting. Long coats need to be blown dried completely because if they are towel dried and left to air dry and not brushed out, they will mat up.   

If you want your doodle to have that well-known long and fluffy coat, they need to be at the groomer every 4-6 weeks. This is IN ADDITION to daily home maintenance. Regular grooming can consist of full grooms or just trim ups (mini grooms) if the coat is well-maintained.   

The cost of grooming a doodle is not small. It is the price of owning a designer dog. Nationwide costs range from $50 to upwards of $200. Why so much?  The type of coat the dog has, the condition of the coat, his/her behavior during grooming, and the time spent on the service.  

Some breeders advise doodles do not to be groomed before they are a year old.  Apparently, when this happens, their first groom is almost always a shave down right to the skin.   

Puppy grooming will include nail clipping, ear cleaning,a bath, and a possible trim around their face, paws, and potty areas.  It is good for your puppy to come in every 4-6 weeks both to get them acclimated to the grooming process and to keep them in the best shape possible. Puppies coats change around six months of age and transitions from light, fluffy puppy hair to their adult coats.   

The last thing a groomer wants to do is disappoint their client, that’s why it’s crucial to be fully educated about the maintenance of your puppy.  Reprinted from the author, M. Gilbert, groomer.